IMS DLC Competition Screens & Baskets - DLC Black HQ by TORR

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IMS Competition Screens & Baskets with Black/Dark Grey DLC/ Diamond Like Coating Beschichtung. 


We offer the Precision Screens and Baskets also with DLC/ "diamond-like carbon" on demand. This is a really amazing High-End surface for the Screens & Baskets because of their




  • high hardness

  • high corrosion resistance

  • excellent non-stick properties

  • excellent release properties

  • much more durable than Teflon®

  • very thin, no modification of the product

  • beautiful anthracite/black look

  • food safe


Right now these screens and filters will be made on demand with a delivery time of approx. 3 weeks. We hope to stock the most important Screens & Filters soon. 


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