IMS B65 1T + 2T Spaziale* Competition Filter Baskets / Präzisions Filter La Spaziale*

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IMS / Competition Filter Baskets - 7-8g, 12-18g,  21g for better Coffee! 


  • Precision Filter Baskets with certified and inspected holes (ø 0,30mm) and areas
  • Less or no grind setting for ristretto, lungo or normal
  • Reduced sediment and less grind setting between single (7g) and double (14g)
  • Better and consistent extraction for better taste and mouthfeel
  • Circular holes with conical cross section, mirror polishing
  • perfect match with integrated (200µM) membrane
  • B65 1T H25E - B65 2T 27.5 M - B65 2T H32 M

Recommended Tamper:  ø 53,2mm - 53,4  - 6-8g/ 12-18g, 21g  - 

* Fits also Portaffilters:  Astoria Plus4You and Wega Concept