Glasshopper Crystal 1300 - S2 Kony - PP*

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This is a Glasshopper 1300 with Mazzer S2 Adapter from *Pre-Production. This adapter has no Safety Pin. Please contact us before you buy this Hopper for your Mazzer Kony or for any o

The bean hopper made from handblown glass increases the value of each Espresso Grinder. The Glass is not only visually an improvement but also has clear advantages in terms of coffee freshness. The coffee stays fresh in the grinder and smells even good after several days.

The high-quality manufacturing is evident in all details. The stainless steel lid is "spinned" by hand and polished manually or sandblasted. The glass comes with polished edges and the massive stainless steel adapter will end up with the same finish as the lid. 

Ready to go from stock! - mounting & Handling 3-5 days. 


Additional Glass Info:

* handmade, each piece is unique.


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