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Hand-blown glass hopper for approx. 600 g of coffee beans. Crystal glass in different designs with full metal Inox glass adapter of your choice to be used with all important coffee grinder brands and models. Hand-polished high gloss finish adapter and lid, metal parts are also available in semi-matte finish. Glass mounted with food grade silicone. Comes with metal slider. Crystal Bubbles design as flashed-glass to avoid blow-holes.  


Weight: approx. 1300-1500 g  - Size: ø 158 mm - height approx. 180 mm - +/- 5mm 


Additional Information


TORR TOYS Crystal glass hoppers are available in 3 different designs and 3 sizes to cover most of the needs and to match all important grinders. The hoppers are produced in an outstanding quality - the hand-blown glass is made by artists in the traditional way. Only this kind of craftsmanship allows the brilliant glass quality we need. As for this, each piece is unique and little marks are a proof of the handmade manufacture. All metal parts are made from stainless steel, the lids are metal-spinned by hand. To get a metal finish that matches the glass its either hand-polished in many steps or glass blasted (pearl matte) to reach the best results possible.


Also, these surfaces might look different from the mass production you know from simple galvanic processes and products. However, we are sure that you will appreciate our handmade appearance with a touch of luxury and passion you can feel in each and every piece. 


What makes a TORR TOYS Glass Hopper so special?


  • Glass is odourless and tasteless

  • It doesn´t react chemically, it will not change the taste and aroma of the coffee

  • It is easier to clean and therefore more hygienic than plastics

  • Glass is very durable & has the same quality after years of use

  • It looks beautiful and feels great

  • It will revalue each and every grinder & location

  • Glass is valuable and worthy

  • Handmade glass is "A PIECE OF ART"


More: Glass Info & General Glass Info  - Choose the right Grinder Adapter here.


Please ask for the delivery time (usually 3-5 weeks) if you need the hopper urgent. 

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