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  1. tamper concept - always the right handle 4 u

  2. international shipping and weight


    •  The difference between the Tamper handles XS, Lungo, Classic, Metal + GF - TORR Tamper Concept: 3 Handles Designs, 3 Piston Designs

    All of the wooden handles use the same M12 thread but they are made for different types of hands and tamp techniques. 

    XS:          small and medium hands, upper ø ca. 43mm, handle without piston ca. 73mm long - weight depends on the wood.

    Lungo:   small - big hands, upper ø ca. 43mm, handle without piston ca. 75mm long - weight depends on wood

    Classic:  medium - normal and big hands, upper ø ca. 47mm, handle without piston ca. 75mm long - weight depends on wood

    Metal:     for most hand types - upper ø 45 mm, handle without piston 75mm long. 

    Barista:  in case of a Barista handle you will have the same size like XS, Lungo, Classic but a metal insert to protect the thread.

    Goldfinger: there is only one handle but you will have the chance to choose the washer to set the right height for your hand. measures ø 45x 54mm without a washer. 

    see concept: 


    • Shipping Prices International and Weight

    We offer nice prices for international worldwide Shipping as we are able to send it via as a Registered Letter / Einschreiben. Of course, the shipping price depends on the weight. The "R" letter is possible up to 2 KG, however, it's more expensive when we reach the 1 KG. So if you are not sure about the shipping price and the weight, please drop a mail as there is always the box and a good, safe package. 
    For larger parcels and bigger quantities we use and choose always the best shipping method and forwarder or that one you prefer. We are happy to offer such great and affordable shipping prices for our international customers in the coffee tools and toys biz.