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Estrada Municipal 550, Nr. 38 - Fonte Boa Da Brincosa
2655-498 Ericeira - Portugal


email: - phone : +351 261 024 439
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cafekultur - Handmade in Germany - Since 2003 

As simple as possible - As good as possible - Our aim: the best!

Since 2003 handmade espresso accessories are produced under the brand name of TORR. There is always some sort of relationship between all products: they are simple, elegant and significant - additionally, they are of excellent quality with regard to material and workmanship. From October 2015 we switched to a Portuguese company now. Our products are still made in Germany but there are also items made in Portugal - which does´t mean cheaper of course. Everything is made and produced to reach the highest standard available. 

The beginning was marked by the Tamper "TORR" which quickly became popular because of its quality and design. Professional Baristas and Coffee geeks were completely convinced. Likewise, more and more requests concerning the "TORR Tools" came from all over the World and asked for the Coffee Tools "Made in Germany."

Soon after, there followed a small collection based on the Tamper. Meanwhile, cafekultur offers a range of outstanding products and accessories which are a special enrichment of the "workplace espresso machine" - no matter where: kitchen, office or coffeeshop.

The satisfaction of our customers, the growing demand and the confidence in new products will surely be sufficient proof that we know about the needs of our customers:

High-quality accessories made out of exclusive materials in consideration of a design which is ageless and simple.

We call it sustainability made by cafekultur - because where no upgrade is necessary, rescources can be saved - it´s really simple in the end!

cafekultur - Form follows Emotion!