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Advantages of the Convex Curve.

Advantages of the Convex Curve!

The aesthetics and feel of the convex tamper is second to none, whether the sharp lines of the trapez or the elegant style of the goldfinger, a convex tamper is a thing to behold, but the science stretches beyond the beauty; convex tampers create a greater surface area for the water to contact the coffee bed, which in turn minimises channelling, plus the finished tamped coffee surface matches the shape of an e61 dispersion screen, which suits all sizes of VST baskets.

On a perfect mound of coffee the barista saves time as the convex tamper is simply pressed straight onto the mound, pushing the grinds out to the edge creating a much better seal, ideal for lever machines of all types. Finally in an age of nutation the convex trapez allows the barista to focus on the bed of coffee and nutate perfectly in the basket.

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