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IMS Info - Cimbali Baskets and Screens for Elektra

If you are looking for IMS Screens and baskets there are always a lot of questions. Today we would like to allow some additional info as a result of customer questions in the past.

1. The Elektra Espressomachines like Micro Casa Semiautomatic and the professional Models need the Cimbali IMS Screens.

1a. For the Bezzera 07/09/10/13 the Rancilio Screen is really the right choice although some people report that it does´t fit in the first moment. So please go for this when you have a Bezzera model like this. 

2. As explained before and the Cimbali B68 Baskets, especially the 14g and the 21g also fit other and similar machines like E61 models (and similar) that usually should use the IMS E61 baskets**

Using these Cimbali baskets you will be very close to the VST/LM baskets with your tamper. We just measured a ø 58.6 mm for the Cimbali 14g compared to 58.65/7 for the 14g VST/LM La Strada basket. So in the end our 58.55 tampers will fit even better for those Cimbali IMS than the VST/LM.  

** e.g. Astoria, Casadio, Conti, Elektra, ECM, Marzocco, Nuoca Simonelli, Ranciolio, Rocket, Vibiemme... 

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