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Dear ALL!

As we just moved and started also a new location we were late for quite a while with email answers and shipping. We apologize for any trouble you might have had and thank you for understanding and being patient. We are up to date now and settled at the new location quite well.

We will launch some beautiful new products these days as a reward for all the coffee geeks out there. Our focus now and in the near future will be new tampers, new materials, new sizes of tampers and of course a larger and improved range of glass, glass hoppers and adapters for all different kind of grinders. Furthermore we will have new types of wood, and a range of PF handles also. 

We are also happy to tell you that we are working from 2 locations now - one is in Germany, one in Portugal. As for this we will also relaunch the brand soon to focus the international market in a better way. In addition to that we will have more staff in the team soon for the growing business. 

As the new telephone numbers are not connected, yet please feel free to write a mail, we will call back.


thanks a lot

yours cafekultur team




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